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This is the best Trump ad yet! Naturally our friends at Facebook had to ban it. Feel free to download it HERE and repost to Facebook if you find them as despicable as I do. Remember to right click and "Save File As".
The truth about Hydroxychloroquine.
I heard they were going to ban this Campaign ad. Naturally I had to post it!
This is the most fantastic, right to the point, no BS campaign ad EVER!
June 22, 2016
You know I've been telling you for some time that there is no Radical Islam, it is just Islam. If you are not Muslim, these people want you dead. When your president tells you of the great contributions Islam has made to America, you know you're in trouble. Islam has been and will continue to be a problem to any country as it infiltrates one after another by procreation then tries to instill Sharia Law.
The Religion of Peace just keeps on giving. So kind, so caring. I guess you could be more hypocritical, but I have no idea how.
Ah Islam. The religion of peace - Right. Sharia Law Invading London and the rest of the UK.
It would appear that this woman had the unmitigated gall to show up in public without her veil!

This is the religion of peace on display. These people are unbelieveable - Coming to a neighborhood near you!

Guess what we used to buy a lot of.

Guess what we're not buying any more of.

American yogurt tycoon vows to choke U.S. with Muslim refugees (In Idaho)! - Read More

From Numbers USA
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