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When it comes to President Trump's TEMPORARY Enhanced Vetting of potential terrorists entering America... ... ...

I have this big jar of delicious M&M candies. They look beautiful and for the most part, one is just as beautiful and delicious as the next.

In this jar, there are a hand full of very poisonous M&M candies. Just ONE will not only kill you, but they will wreak havoc with your internal organs causing unspeakable pain, disfigurement and suffering before you die.

Further, your friends and relatives will also suffer at the sight of you going through this horrific, slow and disfiguring death for which there is no cure or palliative care.

If you are opposed to a temporary enhanced vetting of all M&M candies until we can figure out how to tell the deadly M&Ms from the beneficial M&Ms, I invite you to take a handful and enjoy.

June 22, 2016
You know I've been telling you for some time that there is no Radical Islam, it is just Islam. If you are not Muslim, these people want you dead. When your president tells you of the great contributions Islam has made to America, you know you're in trouble. Islam has been and will continue to be a problem to any country as it infiltrates one after another by procreation then tries to instill Sharia Law.
The Religion of Peace just keeps on giving. So kind, so caring. I guess you could be more hypocritical, but I have no idea how.
It would appear that this woman had the unmitigated gall to show up in public without her veil!

This is the religion of peace on display. These people are unbelieveable - Coming to a neighborhood near you!

Guess what we used to buy a lot of.

Guess what we're not buying any more of.

American yogurt tycoon vows to choke U.S. with Muslim refugees (In Idaho)! - Read More

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