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The following is an editorial reply to the recent statement made by Karl Rove, suggesting that someone with enough power needs to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

While appearing on the Sunday, June 21 2015 edition of "Fox News Sunday," GOP strategist Karl Rove told Chris Wallace the only way to stop gun violence like that recently seen in Charleston, South Carolina, is to repeal the Second Amendment. Rove made the statement after Wallace asked: "How do we stop the violence?"

Dear Mr. Rove,

Your comment regarding repealing the 2nd Amendment deeply concerns me as an American. The horror and disgust surrounding Dylan Roof’s egregious actions may seem overwhelming, but when emotions are so high, one needs to step back and properly size the problem from a sober perspective. Indeed, the mass shootings problem is more than sad. However, if you think repealing the 2nd Amendment will cure these crimes, you are guilty of committing an enormous accounting error. Guns save more lives than they take. This article by Thomas Sowell and this White House Study help point out this fact.

Yes, there are contrarian articles, but they seem to obfuscate, meeting a preconceived agenda, mostly by refusing to accept the data. Lawful, responsible citizens are far less likely to commit gun crimes or any violent crime than others. Lawful, responsible citizens kill more goblins than the police do. Lawful, responsible citizens are almost everywhere, but the police cannot be everywhere. The police respond in minutes or longer when you need them in seconds, not because they are no good, but because there aren’t enough of them to be ubiquitous. Citizens kill the correct person, rather than the wrong person, far more often than the police and they kill far more bad guys: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Shoot and Kill More Bad Guys Than Cops.

Crime goes down in legal concealed carry areas. When you disarm lawful, responsible citizens, you make them much more vulnerable to violent crime. Almost all of the mass shootings have occurred in ‘Gun Free Zones’ … I wonder why…

Dennis S Winningstad

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!"
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